Do you add any sugar to any of your juices?+

No, the delicious sweet taste comes from natural fruit sugars. We do not add any cane sugar.

Do you add preservatives to your juice?+

Liqui-Fruit juices do not contain any preservatives.
This is made possible by our aseptic packaging technology and the process in which the juice is prepared. The juice is pasteurise at high temperatures to eliminate any harmful organisms that could cause spoilage. Excess oxygen is then removed as oxidation can cause bacteria to multiply. (That's why you need to keep it in the fridge once you've opened the pack.) The packaging material is also sterilised and the entire production process happens in a totally sterile environment.

Aren't the nutritional and taste qualities of the juice affected by the pasteurisation process?+

The temperature is raised for a very short period which means only a marginal loss of vitamin C occurs. Volatile flavours which might evaporate during the heating treatment are condensed by an aroma-recovery unit, then added back to the juice. The nutritional information indicated on the packs is assessed after the pasteurisation process, so the juices are still packed with all the real flavour and goodness of nature.

Why do you add grape and/or apple and/or pear juice to your flavours?+

We blend our fruit juices with apple and/or grape and/or pear juice to ensure the correct texture, consistency and sweetness levels for each variant. For example, peach juice needs to be blended with one of these other juices otherwise it would be too thick to drink, while grapefruit juice can be too tart or bitter on its own. Also, the fruit differs from orchard to orchard and harvest to harvest. By blending in the purees with other fruits, we can be sure of producing a consistently great-tasting product with every batch.

What is the shelf-life of Liqui-Fruit?+

Our juices have a shelf-life of 12 months. Once opened, the pack must be placed in the fridge, ensuring the flip top is closed. It should be consumed within 5 days to ensure its freshness.

Where is your juice manufactured?+

Liqui-Fruit is produced and packaged in a large factory in the beautiful Ceres Valley in the Western Cape, two hours from Cape Town.

What packaging is Liqui-Fruit available in?+

1 litre Tetra-Pak with screw on cap
250ml small boxes with its own wrapped straw
330ml can with no fizz
1.5litre Tetra-Pak with screw on cap
2litre Tetra-Pak with screw on cap.

Can diabetics drink Liqui-Fruit?+

Only as part of a carbohydrate controlled diet. A diabetic should first check with a doctor, dietician or clinic as the natural sugars (fructose, sucrose and glucose) found in fruit will influence their blood sugar.

Are any of your juices Kosher?+

Yes, Liqui-Fruit Apple is Kosher as it is not blended with Grape juice. It is available in the full range of different packaging sizes.

Is Liqui-Fruit a good source of Vitamin C?+

Not just good, great! Liqui-Fruit might taste indulgently delicious, but the truth is it's really good for you too. (And that's not just a fantasy!) In fact, a glass of Liqui-Fruit provides approximately 50mg of vitamin C, which is half the recommended daily allowance for people over 4 years and older. Now you've probably heard this all before, but it's good stuff to know. Vitamin C helps to maintain a healthy immune system and protects your body against infection. It also helps with the absorption of iron from food.

Which of your flavours are considered to be low acidity?+

Litchi, Berry Blaze, Guava. These flavours can be drunk by people suffering from gout, arthritis or gastric acidity problems.


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